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HMS Release History

Available Now On Site Backup 1.9 — 1 November 2016
[Fix] Cancelling an FTP backup is now much faster, especially if it’s in the middle of a large transfer. Note that this may result in a corrupt, partially downloaded file.
[Fix] Improved the Help Text display on Linux version
[Fix] No longer requests choosing the destination folder on web version (not sandboxed)
[Fix] Now checks if the SQLite database exists and gives a warning if it doesn’t, rather than creating a new empty SQLite database.
[Fix] Toggling windows via menu keys now works properly
[New] No longer uses GDIPlus
[New] Submitted to WAS
[New] Revised FTP to new CURL version
[New] The window splitter now docks if dragged to the top of the screen. It also imposes logical limits on the screen resizing.
[New] There is now a cancel warning if you try to delete any Backup Set.
[New] There is now a warning if a port other that 22 is used with SFTP.
[New] Upon each relaunch, it now remembers the size and position of the main window.

On Site Backup 1.8 — 2 March 2016
[Fix] On Windows and Linux, if a location has previously been chosen, you are no longer asked to choose your backup location on startup.
[New] Now that the application is 64-bit, it no longer downloads database records in smaller subsets. This resolves potential record mismatches, but may result in greater memory pressure on your computer.
[Fix] it no longer generates an error log (as a warning) if you have binary data
[Fix] FTP transfers via SFTP now work.
[New] Now natively supports Retina and HiDPI displays.
[New] Now 64-bit meaning it can address more than 4 GB RAM for very large backups.
[New] Preferences file is now an encrypted SQLite database. Contact HMS via the web site if you need to recover preference data.

On Site Backup 1.7 — 7 August 2015
[Fix] The Edit windows now no longer appear on the File Transfers windows, if that window was open.
[Fix] The FTP Transfers window no longer appears if you are not performing a single FTP backup.
[Fix] There was a problem in FTP and Directory backups storing files with a ‘/‘ in their name in the previous version due to the move to more modern MacOS path conventions. This has now been resolved.
[New] Added support for backing up from MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.
[New] Added support for exporting as XML.
[New] Added support for exporting in SQL format as DB2, FireBird, Informix, Interbase, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLBase, SQLite (text), SQLite (database file) or Sybase.
[New] Added the ability to Restore all the tables from a Backup.
[New] Downloading database records is now in smaller subsets (up to 1 million record chunks), to limit memory problems during the backup of massive numbers of records (up to 4 GB per chunk).
[New] Secure FTP Transfers now try to use SSLv3 then, if unavailable, downgrade to SSLv2 automatically.
[New] SQL backup can now support table or field names containing spaces.
[New] The FTP Transfers window now has a Close button. If clicked, it hides the window since it may be being used for transferring files.
[New] The SQL produced by the backup may differ from the original table format. This is especially true when you are backing up across different SQL types.
[New] Where a host provides MySQL password authentication over both the pre-4.1.1 and 5.x (much better) methods, the login no longer gives an error, but authenticates using the 5.x method.

On Site Backup 1.6 — 3 October 2014
On the Macintosh, you still have to choose your storage location on every launch to satisfy the GateKeeper requirements.
[Fix] No longer checks the version visually on every launch
[Fix] When backing up MySQL with the Database field empty, it now includes the database name in the SQL backup file.
[Fix] When gathering the list of FTP files to backup, it now correctly ignores files and folders containing the ignore text. It no longer even bothers to search those folders containing the ignore text in their path names.

On Site Backup 1.5 — 7 April 2014
App version 1.5 re-released on web
[Fix] Fixed a large memory leak that cause the program to die after a couple of weeks.
[Fix] Removes the database name from the table creation and insert commands (allows the table to be created inside a different database).
[Fix] The MySQL backup now reconnects to the server upon each table download. This resolves the problem where some ISP hosts timeout after 15 seconds of inactivity.
[Fix] The UI is more responsive when large MySQL lookups are being downloaded.
[Fix] There is no longer a warning message when first downloading an excessively large set of records.
[New] Closing the main window with Command-W now quits the application.
[New] the Help text has been revised.
[New] There is now an option to backup all available MySQL databases the login has access to.
[New] Uses a totally new SQL engine to look up the databases.
[New] Uses the SHOW CREATE TABLE command to define the table text.
[New] When launching the first time, the application asks where the user wants to store the backup files. This helps resolve issues around accessing folders outside the application’s sandbox.

On Site Backup 1.4 — 6 February 2014
[New] You can now leave the MySQL database field blank and it will backup all databases (and tables) you have access to (except information_schema)
[Fix] Backup names with foreign characters (acutes, graves, umlauts, etc) are now supported.

On Site Backup 1.3 — 14 October 2013
[New] You can now set the number of minutes between backup instead of the hour of the day. This allows multiple backups per day or multi-day backups.
[Fix] Closing the main window with the close-button no longer wipes the preferences (sorry!).
[Fix] Getting FTP listings before an FTP backup is now much faster, especially with secure FTP transfers.
[Fix] The Log window is no longer slow in updating under Windows.
[Fix] The progress bars are no longer jumpy under Windows.
[Fix] The timer displaying how long until the next timed backup no longer shows this time when a backup is running.
[Fix] The total size of the previous ‘Last Backup’ is now correct (no longer calculates the whole backup folder)
[New] If you have not set a backup Location, you are now warned on startup.
[New] MySQL queries are now fully multi-processing, so should be faster and not affect the UI.
[New] There is now a Prefs button to show you the location of the preferences file in case you want to back it up or keep multiple different versions.
[New] You are now shown the total size of the latest ‘Last Backup’.
[New] You can now cancel in the middle of a MySQL download.

On Site Backup 1.2 — 17 March 2013
[Fix] Running a non-secure FTP backup set after a secure FTPS backup set no longer runs as secure FTPS.
[Fix] Backing up to a Directory no longer gives the error that it can’t write to that directory when the directory is writeable.
[Fix] Changing the Zip-All-Backups setting is now stored properly.
[Fix] Directory backups now support foreign characters.
[Fix] Shows the time remaining before the next backup in hours and minutes rather than just minutes.
[Fix] The Backup Time is now retrieved properly.
[Fix] The Zipping of an individual Backup set if now remembered when editing that set.
[New] After a Backup is finished you have the options to: do nothing, Quit, Sleep, Log Out, Restart or Shutdown.
[New] As the backups progress, the log list auto-scrolls to the latest action.
[New] Each Directory Backup now includes a text file with a list of the files on the Source directory.
[New] Each FTP Backup now includes a text file with a list of the files on the server.
[New] Each FTP Backup now includes a text file with a list of the FTP Messages sent from the server. Note this may include error messages useful for diagnosing problems.
[New] If a Backup is compressed it now shows you the size before and after compression.
[New] If an FTP Backup cannot access the files within a directory because the LIST command fails, it is noted in the FTP log. Files within this directory will not be backed up.
[New] The number of potential Backup sets to keep has been increased.
[Note] In a Directory Backup set, and files and folders that are aliases or shortcuts will backup the original file, not the alias or shortcut itself.

On Site Backup 1.1 — 30 January 2013
[Fix] Fixed an FTP error where the transfer would stop and no longer proceed when it met with a protocol error such as not having access privileges for an FTP server directory.
[Fix] Fixed an FTP error where large files were being downloaded every time because the file size was converting to exponential format.
[Fix] FTP Backup files use their cached Previous Backups copy if their file sizes are the same or up to one character different (because some systems have one or two EOF characters).
[Fix] It now displays which Backup Type and Name it is currently processing.
[Fix] The current backup progress bar now changes as it cycles through MySQL records within a table.
[Fix] The current backup progress bar now changes as it cycles through MySQL tables within a database.
[Fix] The ignore file option now works properly for FTP and Directory Backups.
[Fix] The thread size for the Backup process has been increased to 1 Mb.
[Fix] When a Previous Backup FTP file is copied the Date Created and Date Modified is set to the FTP Server file’s dates.
[Fix] When testing FTP settings it now logs out any existing session, clears any old log messages, logs in, changes directory then logs out when it has finished.
[New] Compatible with Retina Display.
[New] The Backup folder now contains the Description rather than the host, since you may have multiple backups from the same host, which made it hard to distinguish one from another.
[New] There is now an option to Zip compress each individual Backup after it completes. This is useful where a backup is less than the 4 Gb limit, but the total of all backups exceeds the limit.

On Site Backup 1.0 — 23 January 2013
[New] First release on Macintosh, Windows and Linux
[New] Compatible with MacOS X Mountain Lion.
[New] Submitted to Apple App Store.