On Site Backup App


Supported SQL Databases


Supported FTP Protocols


Supported Directories


Major Benefits
  • Protect your cloud data by making a second copy in case of infrastructure failure or access limitations.
  • Timed Backup of most major SQL databases — set it then forget it.
  • Transcode one database into the format of another including any or all of the following: Drop Table, Create Table and Data Contents commands (data type equivalents are used when missing from the target SQL Brand).
  • Export mainframe database into an SQLite database directly for fast off-line access
  • Export a limited number of fields or records from a table into XML format for importing into Excel
  • No limit on the number of servers, databases or tables you can backup
  • Keep the Database field empty and it will look up and backup all available databases.
  • Keep the Table field empty and it will look up and backup all available tables within the given database.
  • A Restore option allows you to rebuild the database exactly as it was when it was backed up.
  • No limit on the number of Backup sets you can create. Turn them off or on as needed.
  • You determine how many nightly backups it keeps. If you choose, it can delete the oldest when the newest has completed.
  • Keeps a cache of the FTP and Directory files making backups massively faster when few files change between backups.
  • Get informed via email or SMS when the backup is complete (email includes the Backup and Errors logs).
  • Run a Preview to see what it would backup, without actually performing the backup!